Pro Bono Service

“We deem it important to be engaged in social projects outside the realm of company business, which we can support with our various interests and abilities.” Klaus F. Jaenecke.

As an expression of social responsibility, Jaenecke supports areas promoting good causes with his profound knowledge. Pro bono consulting generally benefits non-profit institutions in areas like culture, youth, and sports.


Polo Turnier

Polo - a ballgame between two teams with four mounted players each, lightning-fast, enormously physically and technically demanding - and the consulting of Mergers & Acquisitions have a (small) common denominator. Both are called “supreme disciplines”. For the success of an M & A consulting team is not decided at a desk, but in team-against-team negotiations.


Kids 4 Kids


From 2011 -2015, Klaus F. Jaenecke has been a director of the Kids4kids World Foundation. Children help other children through music and with music. He describes his active support of the foundation: “Kids4kids is a fantastic initiative, doubly helping children to develop their talents as well as supporting those in need. It’s a great pleasure to me to be able to support this important cause with my widespread experience.”

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