Merger & Aquistions Transactions

Experience - Experience - Experience

For mid-sized companies, this is more an art than a science. The mastering of the tools for finance mathematics, corporate assessment, and corporate law are naturally essential prerequisites for a successful acquisition. However, negotiating skills, social skills and leadership are at least as important in order to develop a sense of the company value (value thinking). In all transactions, the team works towards a successful acquisition in a result-oriented manner, never losing sight of the goal. Finally, Post Merger Integration is decisive for the success and quality of acquisitions. Here, nothing can replace personal deal experience. Jaenecke’s know-how is his key to success: “For the last 30 years, I have concluded an average of four transactions each year, most of them cross-border transactions. While in the past I have acted mainly on the side of the seller, today I primarily support acquisitions for companies on whose Supervisory Boards I serve.”